Structure and Interpretation of Programming Lanuages or my free MIT/UC Berkeley Education

I will be working through the book and lectures of the Intro programming class at Berkeley over the next few months.

I never had a really good programming course in college. I took a bunch in the late 70’s, that tended to be one new language either weekly or monthly, as the teachers tried to cover various concepts. So I was exposed to languages that are now effectively dead like Algol and SNOBOL. I managed to learn enough to make a living, and actually received some good OTJ training in IBM assembly language in the early 80’s, most of what I know is out of date by now (or it should be!). At the same time I’m too old, and too short of time, not to take advantage of what I already know.

About two years ago I saw that lectures of what became the standard intro programming course at MIT in 1981, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is available for download. The lecturers, Abelson and Sussman, text of the same name is also available online here. The final impetus to work through this course is that UC Berkeley provides a current version of the course, and the programming language UCB Scheme.

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