Organizing Data: Horse Race Data vs Government Data, intro

One reason I started this blog was to document my participation in The Trackmaster Software Development Challenge and one of the things they give out, to participants, is data.

One reason I post so little and get so little done in general is that I listen to endless podcasts. In the past few days, there were two that dealt directly with representing data. And one that dealt, very indirectly, with organizing.

The first, A Conversation with Ellen Miller, of the Sunlight Foundation featured a lengthy discussion of taking data from the government and repackaging it, to make it useful at sites exemplified by OMBWatch and

The second, Ignite, featured Matthias Shapiro, showing ways to visualize information. It’s short enough. Matthias Shapiro, On Effective Visualizations

The third, a podcast of BBC’s Radio 4 show Thinking Allowed had a brief discussion, in the last two programs, of methods of organization. How to arrange books, records, etc. The presenter, Laurie Taylor, quoted Michel Foucault quoting an exemplary scheme from Jorge Luis Borges’s story The Analytical Language Of John Wilkins: It reminded me of Clay Shirky’s Ontologies Is Overated

This is just an introduction to the problem of horse race data.

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