My chair arrived – a brief update

I haven’t been posting to my blog as I waited for the arrival of a chair. For the past few months I was unable to sit comfortably at my desk while typing on R (I limit all names to a single letter om this blog.) my laptop. I did manage to join facebook. I had been sitting on a step stool with a pillow on the top step. This hurt my back.

The problem would have been resolved a month ago, had I not foolishly ordered the chair from Sit4Less. They are an enthusiastic sponsor of NPR, but a terrible company. I will wait for inquiries if anyone wants to know what horrors I had to put up with.

My goal for three posts a week, one each on computer assisted horse race wagering, the failures of public libraries as they pursue irrelevance, and my attempts at self-education using the internet haven’t really got off the ground.

Yesterday T and I went for a drive and she saw a barge was going through a Lock on the Champlain canal. I took some pictures with my iPhone. And I’ve decided to make clear that I don’t know how to edit them to appear nicely in my WordPress Blog. And I constantly make two mistakes with my iPhone camera, accidently obstructing the lens and pressing the home button instead of the shutter on the touch screen. For my readers (currently all fictional beings) the pictures either are or aren’t in the post.

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