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Every so often summary of this of that

Every morning I (try to) go through all my emails and read (at least the titles or summaries) of a very large number of blogs (about 450) that I follow in Google Reader. Yesterday was filled with distractions, so I … Continue reading

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No one in horse-racing knows what they're doing!

The Horseplayers Association of North America blog post, “Further Evidence We Need Gambling People in Power,” criticized this comment from CHRB chairman David Israel: “People often say we are competing with the casinos. I think that’s shortsighted and wrong. We’re … Continue reading

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Property is theft!

Or, so Proudhon wrote in “What is Property?” The distinctions, between property and common goods and theft and rights, are clear only when you don’t think about them. James Boyle discusses “intellectual property” in a recent post in his excellent blog, The Public Domain. His book is available there, both for purchase and as a free download. Continue reading

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On the suicide of libraries through misunderstanding their role

Subscribing to journal is one way how libraries spend money based on an outdated concept of their function and services, while providing no benefit of any kind. Continue reading

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Starting in earnest.

I have decided to remedy my ridiculously bad education and systematically study computer science, as well as things of interest to me. Part of the impetus is The Trackmaster Mobile Application Development Challenge which is as good a goal as … Continue reading

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