Starting in earnest.

I have decided to remedy my ridiculously bad education and systematically study computer science, as well as things of interest to me. Part of the impetus is The Trackmaster Mobile Application Development Challenge which is as good a goal as any for me to work on. I am keeping a separate non-public, at the moment open only to me, space to blog about that. In the meantime I am going to take advantage of the time I spend at the gym to view lectures from iTunesU and pursue what interests me. (Oddly it turns out that philosophy, history, economics and political science is more interesting to me than library science, information science, or computer science – so I’ll being throwing some of that into the mix.)

So I will be using the internet to replace schools and libraries throughout this project as much as possible. And for this “semester” I will be pursuing:

  • iPhone programming from Stanford
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs from all over
  • MySQL – using iTunesU and a server side programming course
  • Perl – when I find a course that looks good I’ll follow it
  • And John Searle’s lectures on Philosophy of Mind, though I doubt I’ll understand the Chinese Room argument.

I’ll also be pursuing R and Statistics and math in general, though I am currently only up to 4th grade arithmetic using Khan academy.

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