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Every morning I (try to) go through all my emails and read (at least the titles or summaries) of a very large number of blogs (about 450) that I follow in Google Reader. Yesterday was filled with distractions, so I didn’t post to my blog at all. I make up to-do lists and never get everything done. Yesterday, I put three things on my daily to-do list: Chaneru, Ubuntu, and VMware.

I took advantage of a cheap offer to try VMware Fusion on my Mac, though I haven’t installed yet. I spent most of the day, distracted with trying to get Ubuntu to run on a five year old G4 Mac Mini (after staying up to 3am the night before replacing the damaged internal hard disk). I was about to give up and stick OSX on it, when I finally managed to realize I could login with the gnome failsafe login. It’s interesting, but I just put it aside for now. I will either put the OSX, Ubuntu Server, or OSX Server on the box later. At least I know it’s working. The rest of my time was spent trying to figure out Chaneru so I could watch my iTunesU video on a TV through a Roku box instead of a computer screen. Interesting, but not worth the trouble – I need become a full blown Roku developer to do what I want. (or just wait for someone else to do it.)

I also realized that I had been downloading audio version of some iTunesU podcasts from Berkeley simply because I failed to notice I had subscribed to the wrong feed. I still have to set up my semester – I wound up listening to John Searle’s first lecture on The Philosophy of Language. I took a course of the same name with Steven Davis, long ago at Suny Albany – I was very much ill prepared for it then, as I am currently for Searle’s presentation. At least I can be comforted by knowing that Searle won’t have to deal with me. Oddly, though Searle’s own views are beyond my comprehension; or, maybe I should say the Chinese Room is beyond my comprehension. I need to see if I can find the works of J.L. Austin on line, (or perhaps I still have some in my collection – wait while I see if my assumption that the public library tosses all interesting books after a few years is true …. yes it is – preferably as an audio book so I can just listen instead of having to find a place to sit down and read.

Anyhow today I am going to start a new daily program on this blog: summarizing of what I found interesting in the blogs I read. Tony Curtis’s death in on the front page of The New York Times today. The blurb under the slide show, talks about The Defiant Ones and Some Like It Hot but as a commie ( I should write about what I mean by this sometime … or not) I noticed that my favorite Tony Curtis film Sweet Smell Of Success was also the favorite of two left bloggers, Socialist Unity and HappyMarx. Sad news, but nice to see a great film remembered.

The only other news in my blogs that stood out was the announcement on The Official Google Blog than Google Translate now handles Latin. It is about time. I once heard Peter Norvig, a person whose work I greatly admire, interviewed about how Google harvests language to do computer translation using dumb ai. Fascinating stuff.

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