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Using Emacs to Blog

This is a test of using emacs’s weblogger mode. As I have been going through some online classes, I realized I needed to write a lot of stuff. As I tried to keep track of what I am doing I … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week – Something Libraries Get Wrong!

A brief preface: I use the term “book” to cover all media: anything reproduced be it electronically generated or printed, including audio and video. This year, 2010, September 25 through October 2 was Banned Books Week. The annual celebration of … Continue reading

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Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur: The Latin language, self-education continues and the daily this-and-that.

A few days ago, Pendragon Theater, a company out of Saranac Lake, NY performed Constance Congdon’s adaptation of Moliere’s Imaginary Invalid. The play ends when the title character realizes he can become a doctor himself through ceremonial Latin. As one … Continue reading

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Arts, Science, and Culture.

Every day I find myself more and more caught up by the web, blogging, podcasting environment. I love how every thing ties into everything else. Yesterday, while working out I listened to the three most recent Royal Society Podcasts. One … Continue reading

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