Arts, Science, and Culture.

Every day I find myself more and more caught up by the web, blogging, podcasting environment. I love how every thing ties into everything else.

Yesterday, while working out I listened to the three most recent Royal Society Podcasts. One Fleas, Lice and an Elephant on the Moon quoted from Pepys’s Diary; Samuel Pepys was a member of the Royal Society. Since I have been following the diary as a blog I looked up the quoted entry for day, summarizing an experiment demonstrating the possibility of blood transfusion.

I skimmed, but didn’t read closely, an article In Praise of Dead White Men from Prospect Magazine. It reminded of Harold Bloom’s defense of the “Dead White Male” canon of literature; apparently George Eliot, Emily Dickenson, and Jane Austen, were very prominent Dead White Men for Bloom. The article did mention C. L. R. James, an author who I see cited so often that I want to read him; I suspect he shows up in my infoshpere due to his writing about Melville, Class Struggle and perhaps even cricket. Sadly, he is not readily available to people (i.e. me) who rely on the readily available titles in the catalog of a small town library.

I found a nicely paced class to serve as an introduction to R, at UC Berkeley: Public Health 251D, 001 – Applied Epidemiology Using R, though I accidently listened to the audio of the first lecture instead of watching the video. No matter, it takes watching/listening two or three times for me to really follow a good lecture – this was two of my problems in college: I only got to hear them once and only a few of my professors ever gave a good lecture. It is impossible to get anything out of a bad lecture. And today I saw this post on the Mandelbrot Set at Revolutions. I’m a week or two away from doing stuff like that in R.

One other oddity today, two blog posts on Buffet Optimization. The Korean, at Ask A Korean talks about culture but showed a picture from another blog showing ofSalad Tower Construction Techniques. and then I saw Marginal Revolution continuing their discussion of Indian Style Buffet Optimization with links on How To Strategize and the previously discussed, Indian Buffet Strategy. I do not like buffets; I tend to overeat at them.

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