Using Emacs to Blog

This is a test of using emacs’s weblogger mode. As I have been going
through some online classes, I realized I needed to write a lot of
stuff. As I tried to keep track of what I am doing I realized I need to
write a lot of stuff. As I try to blog I realize I need to write a lot
of stuff. And of course as I deal with programming and math (or oddly as
the English say maths) I need to write a lot of stuff. Also as I look at
my blog, I realize that there are lots of things to learn. The
underlying technical mechanism seems to be XML. XML seems to be used for
a lot of stuff. I realize that I need a thorough knowledge of XML for
manipulating everything from this webblog to thoroughbred horse racing
data. I do not know if using emacs for blogging is a good idea. I will
probably have to read the emacs lisp code before it will really do what
I want.

I mostly work in Mac OS X, and all of the programming classes I follow
online, except for programming IOS, use emacs. There aren’t really major
problems with emacs on OSX. For a long time there was Carbon Emacs
which just included most of what I needed. Auctex, Slime,
and some XML support nicely built in and prepackaged. There are two
problems with Carbon Emacs: it will no longer be supported as carbon is
deprecated (all new OSX use cocoa) and the package installer was
idiosyncratic to Carbon Emacs. On the plus side I finally had to look at
how Carbon Emacs handled default paths and site lisp. Everything is by
default inside the application in the application directory. It is
different enough from most linux setups to be confusing at first, at
least for me.

It seems that the post appears simultaneously as a draft, as I write. Or
at least when I save the draft. There are a few problems as I seem to
now have two ways of editing the same post. I can’t seem to get spell
checking to work. I haven’t figured out how to send one post to multiple
blogs. But so far so good.

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