My goals and failure as a blogger

So I’m trying to keep this blogging going in two places and once. I want to use emacs with a web logging mode that can post the same post to two blogs simultaneously. So today I figure I’ll just do one and then export and upload manually. I can’t even get webblogging mode to work – for some reason the URL handling is screwed up. I need to look into this. In the meantime I realize that I need to start building my own emacs. Also, I need to go back to using mutt for email. Gmail is annoying and Apple’s mail just sucks. In any case I’ve decided to try for a post a day. That I decided this two days ago, and this is the first one since and this first one since is just whining about things that didn’t work, does not bode well.

On the plus side, I’ve got the add-bookmark mechanism figured out so that it is easy for me to save blogs I wish to comment on. Sadly, most of the things I find most inspiring are usually podcasts, and I haven’t quite got embedding them down.

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