I write about various topics, as well as whatever I feel like at the moment.

    My major interests: Libraries, Gambling, Computing, Internet, Philosophy

  1. Horse Race Wagering and The Horse Racing Industry, including the incompetent governance and bad math behind it.
  2. Public Libraries vs The Internet, as tools for providing entertainment and self-education. Why do people like libraries? Would they continue to have positive feelings if their false beliefs about libraries vanished?
  3. Computer Programming, Math, and Statistics,\LaTeX, XML, Emacs, LAMP stacks, etc…
  4. The Internet and how it changes things for me
  5. To document my participation in TrackMaster’s Contests though because of various restrictions requiring proprietary data usage I can only document very general aspecst here. I have a second private blog where I hope to document details and then get permission to share.
  6. To discuss ways of cooperation: schools, government, markets, economy, religion, and corporations.

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