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Banned Books Week – Something Libraries Get Wrong!

A brief preface: I use the term “book” to cover all media: anything reproduced be it electronically generated or printed, including audio and video. This year, 2010, September 25 through October 2 was Banned Books Week. The annual celebration of … Continue reading

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Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur: The Latin language, self-education continues and the daily this-and-that.

A few days ago, Pendragon Theater, a company out of Saranac Lake, NY performed Constance Congdon’s adaptation of Moliere’s Imaginary Invalid. The play ends when the title character realizes he can become a doctor himself through ceremonial Latin. As one … Continue reading

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Property is theft!

Or, so Proudhon wrote in “What is Property?” The distinctions, between property and common goods and theft and rights, are clear only when you don’t think about them. James Boyle discusses “intellectual property” in a recent post in his excellent blog, The Public Domain. His book is available there, both for purchase and as a free download. Continue reading

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On the suicide of libraries through misunderstanding their role

Subscribing to journal is one way how libraries spend money based on an outdated concept of their function and services, while providing no benefit of any kind. Continue reading

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Hopeful video test

My first post: A brief comment on children and libraries. Illegally Obtained Services? Library Crime Video??? Library Crime The Internet trumps public libraries by providing consistent universal service to anyone with access. One of my gripes is the lack of … Continue reading

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